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Lead Me to Repentance
Lead Me to Repentance

Category: Character of God, Humility, Repentance, Sin, Unity / Speaker: Pastor Chris Nelson
September 26, 2023

“Lead Me to Repentance” September 24, 2023 – Pastor Chris Nelson Romans 1:18-23, 28-2:11 “All are under the power of sin; God’s kindness leads us to repentance.”

By Faith

Category: Believe, Faith, Good News, Justice, The Cross / Speaker: Pastor Sharon Nelson
September 19, 2023

“By Faith” September 17, 2023 – Pastor Sharon Nelson Romans 1: 8-17 “The good news in a nutshell: God provides the righteousness; we believe”

Grace and Peace

Category: Church, Grace, Peace / Speaker: Pastor Chris Nelson
September 11, 2023

“Grace and Peace” September 10, 2023 – Pastor Chris Nelson Romans 1:1-7 “Paul’s words of greeting–grace and peace–provide a helpful introduction to the message of Romans.” Visit our YouTube channel for video of this worship...

Freely and Wholeheartedly

Category: Giving, Humility, Joy, Leadership, Money/Possessions, Worship / Speaker: Pastor Sharon Nelson
September 05, 2023

“Freely and Wholeheartedly” September 3, 2023 – Pastor Sharon Nelson 1 Chronicles 29:10-20 “King David ends his career with a celebration of gifts given to build a house for God.”

Midlife Crisis

Category: Courage, Faith, Leadership, Suffering, Transformation / Speaker: Pastor Chris Nelson
August 28, 2023

“Midlife Crisis” August 27, 2023 – Pastor Chris Nelson from 2 Samuel 13-17 “In the midst of the greatest crisis David ever faced, he rediscovered his focus, his feelings, and his faith…” Visit our YouTube...

“I Have Sinned”
Don’t Fall Asleep in Church

Category: Boldness, Faith, Healing, Trust / Speaker: Pastor Dave Auker
August 17, 2023

“Don’t Fall Asleep in Church” August 13, 2023 – Pastor Dave Auker Ephesians 2:1-10, 14-18 “Pay attention to what God is doing and tell others. Step out in faith!”