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Shalom Namutere Project Update

Category: Compassion, Evangelism, Mission / Speaker: Robert Ngolobe Edube
November 30, 2022

“Shalom Namutere Project Update” November 27, 2022 – Robert Edube Isaiah 2:1-5, 9:2-7 “The latest from this transformational ministry in rural Uganda.”

Where Is Your Trust?

Category: Faith, Prayer, Trust / Speaker: Pastor Sharon Nelson
November 22, 2022

“Where Is Your Trust?” November 20, 2022 – Pastor Sharon Nelson Isaiah 37:15-20 “King Hezekiah prays for God’s help in crisis.”

Of Fear and Faith

Category: Anxiety, Believe, Faith, Trust / Speaker: Pastor Chris Nelson
November 14, 2022

“Of Fear and Faith” November 13, 2022 – Pastor Chris Nelson Isaiah 7:1-16 “Where will we choose to place our trust?” Video of this service is available on our YouTube channel!

Wipe Away All Tears

Category: Death and Eternal Life, Hope / Speaker: Pastor Chris Nelson, Pastor Sharon Nelson
November 07, 2022

“Wipe Away All Tears” November 6, 2022 – All Saints Sunday Isaiah 25:6-9 Message by Pastor Sharon Nelson Delivered by Pastor Chris Nelson “We wait in hope and in faith for our tears to dry...

Here Am I. Send me!

Category: Confession, Humility, Mission, Trust / Speaker: Pastor Chris Nelson
October 31, 2022

“Here Am I. Send Me!” October 30, 2022 – Pastor Chris Nelson Isaiah 6:1-13 “Isaiah may never see the results of his ministry, but he is planting seeds that will bear fruit for generations to...

Isaiah the Prophet

Category: Forgiveness, Repentance
October 26, 2022

“Isaiah the Prophet” October 23, 2022 – Pastor Sharon Nelson Isaiah 1:1-6, 18-20 “God gives his people a choice-life or destruction.”  

Share the Story

Category: Evangelism, Mission / Speaker: Pastor Chris Nelson
October 17, 2022

“Share the Story” October 16, 2022 – Pastor Chris Nelson John 4:1-42 “Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan woman is a very contemporary conversation… one that can help us think about our own relationships with our...

Serve in Love

Category: Compassion, Humility, Prayer, Servanthood / Speaker: Pastor Sharon Nelson
October 11, 2022

“Serve in Love” October 9, 2022 – Pastor Sharon Nelson Mark 7:31-37 “Learn to serve like Jesus served.”