So, you’re interested in getting a little more involved? That’s great!

Check out the different ministries that we offer here at Millard Community Covenant.  We’re always adding new events and classes, so make sure you stay up to date on this website and our Facebook page:

Fun for the Kiddos

Sunday School—Sundays, 9:00am

During the school year (Labor Day to Memorial Day), we offer Sunday School classes for children ages 2—18 at 9:00am on Sundays.  Classes are in a cozy, warm environment that encourages one-on-one time with the teacher and other classmates.  Children learn about the Bible in a fun and creative way that integrates the world of the Biblical narrative with the world we live in now.  Our desire is to usher these young learners into a relationship with Jesus Christ, so that they will know Him and His love for them.

Vacation Bible School—Summer

For one week every summer, our church is filled with excited and enthusiastic children and volunteers as we join together in five days filled with singing, crafts, games, snacks, and Bible stories!  Our volunteers always go “all-out” with decorating to truly transform our Fellowship Hall—allowing children’s imaginations to transport them into another world for a couple hours.  Whether it’s in a luau, the Wild West, on a great big lake, or in space, the children have a load of fun and learn about God and His love and grace for them.  What an awesome time!

Confirmation—Sundays, 9:00am

Students in grades 7th—8th are at a unique stage in their lives.  They’re moving from childhood to young adulthood.  They’re filled with questions, and maybe even some answers.  They’re interested in going deeper than they were a couple years before—but they’re still pretty silly and “child-like” a lot of the time.  Confirmation is a special program that is developed just for these students.  Through discussions, take-home journals, special mentor relationships, and some awesome hands-on learning and events, students explore their faith and the Bible in deep and fulfilling ways.  It’s a transformative process that helps usher them into “young adulthood”, and into a life lived in faith.

Youth Group—Time and Day Varies

If you’re in grades 7th—12th, we’d love to have you attend one of our Youth Group events!  We’re an cozy, close-knit group loves to talk, learn, and have fun.  Our group is in the “formation” stages now, with a regular schedule still not in place.  But keep coming back to our website to see what’s up, as we’ll continue to have several “pop-up” events to bring us together for fun and fellowship!

Faith-Growing Activities

Adult Sunday School—Sundays, 9:00am

The kids don’t get to have all the fun!  We also offer adult Sunday School classes!  These classes meet during the school year (Labor Day to Memorial Day) at 9:00am on Sundays.  You’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn as you discuss the Bible and its themes with other Christians—each on a different stage in their faith journey.

Weekly Bible Studies—Time and Day Varies:

Do you want to go further in your Bible reading?  Is there a faith topic that you’ve been eager to discuss with the Pastor and other Christians?  Are you struggling with questions that you just can’t find answers to?  Our Weekly Bible Studies are places to ask those questions, and get answers.  We meet together in a small, community-minded group where questions are welcomed and encouraged.  Your “Bible knowledge” can be a little or a lot—what matters is that you’re ready to learn more about God.

Reaching out to Our Community

Treasures from Your Trunk—May

We’ve all got unused items in our attic, closets, garage, or basement.  A couple years ago, a group from our church had a creative idea to turn that “junk” into “treasure”!  Vendors are invited to load the trunks of their vehicles and head on over to our Parking lot for this one-day event.  We also welcome local crafters to sell their wares.  Everyone has a great time shopping this one-stop-shop yard sale—and the proceeds from our bake sale and vendor fees goes to support local ministries!

GROW Project—Summer:

What happens when farmers pray about how God can use their skills and talents to bless others?  Well, in our case—the GROW Project happens!  In the Spring, a donated plot of land is planted with a crop (usually corn or soybeans) by one of our congregants who is also a farmer.  As the crop begins to grow, the congregation is invited to “buy” rows of that field.  One row at a time, the field is “bought-up” with donations—covering the cost of the seed and then some.  After the crop is harvested, all the money made from it is then donated to our local Food Pantry and Free Clinic.  God can use all our gifts and talents for His glory!

Crafts in the Country—October

Come autumn at Millard Community Covenant, the crafter’s scissors and glue guns work at a frenzied pace as we get ready for our craft show, “Crafts in the Country”.  This has become a very popular craft show in the area, and we have many vendors that bring their items to sell in our Fellowship Hall.  On top of the wonderful hand-made wares, the “Kitchen Ladies” of Millard Community Covenant make several home-made pies to sell.  Walking into the Fellowship hall on a sunny Saturday in October and smelling fresh pumpkin pie, getting ready to buy as many crafts as your hands can carry—now that’s a good time!  And to top it off, the proceeds from the pies and the vendor fees go to help our scholarship fund.  It’s a win-win!

Food Pantry Donations—All Year Long

There are people right here in our own community in Elkhorn who are in need of the basic necessities.  The Elkhorn Food Pantry exists to meet the nutrition needs of those people—and we want to help them.  All year long, we take up donations to help the Food Pantry—with special donations taken at certain times during the year.  If you would like to make a donation yourself, you can contact them through their phone, 262-723-6359.