Sermons by Pastor Chris Nelson

Why Are You Weeping?

Why Are You Weeping?

Speaker: | April 02, 2024

“Why Are You Weeping?” March 31, 2024 – Pastor Chris Nelson John 20:1-18 “The risen Jesus meets us in our tears…” Visit our YouTube channel to watch any of our worship services live or archived.

Disputable Matters

Speaker: | March 11, 2024

“Disputable Matters” March 10, 2024 – Pastor Chris Nelson Romans 14:1-12 “Unity does not require everyone to be on the same page, but it does require mutual commitment and respect in love…” Watch this service...

One Body, Many Members

Speaker: | February 26, 2024

“One Body, Many Members” February 25. 2024 – Pastor Chris Nelson Romans 12:3-8 “Paul’s image of the church as the body of Christ speaks to the importance of community and the value of each member…”...

The Journey to Bethlehem

Speaker: | January 08, 2024

“The Journey to Bethlehem” January 7, 2024 – Pastor Chris Nelson Matthew 2:1-12 “The magi represent all true seekers after God, who are looking for something worthy of worship…” Visit our YouTube channel for video...


Who Do You Serve?

Speaker: | October 23, 2023

“Who Do You Serve?” October 22, 2023 – Pastor Chris Nelson Romans 6:12-23 “Freedom from sin does not mean the freedom to do whatever we choose, but it does mean the freedom to choose the...